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In the south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Jazan part in, there lives a group of tribes in the Al-Raith region, a mountain called "Al-Qahar", which means oppression and it was named by this name because it conquers everyone who wants to climb it due to the difficulty of its terrain, so the people of the region use powerful four-wheel drive vehicles to enable them to climb the mountain.

So most of the people of Al-Raith region work in the field of agriculture, specifically coffee cultivation, which cannot be grown anywhere in the world, as the mountain weather is characterized by moderate and tropical weather throughout the year, ranging between 13-26 degrees, and continuous rain throughout the year.

The people of Al-Raith region are distinguished by different costumes taken from their environment. Men wear crowns made of roses and aromatic plants, which they call "Khalama'", which gives them a beautiful appearance and a pleasant scent. They also wear the wizar and the dagger in the middle of the belt that is placed on the waist.

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