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In a small village in the middle of the Nile river in Sudan, lives the Mundari tribes which are primitive tribes that graze a unique kind of cows with large horns, Mundari tribes consider those cows their most precious possessions that’s why they spend all their time protecting them and caring for them, each morning the tribe   wakes up and start releasing the cows to feed, at the same time they collect the cows’ dung and mix it with sand and small stones t prepare t fire it, then they fire it in small groups that surround the cows in a dramatic scene that resembles a scary scene from a stage, the Mundari think that the smoke from that fire keeps the cows safe from the harmful flies that target them, the Mundari individuals are always armed to be able to face the thieves and gangs that aim to steel the cows, so they take turns monitoring and protecting the cows and sleep by their side. Its worth mentioning that Mundari tribes don’t consume the meat of their cows, they only drink their milk and shower with their urine thinking it’s useful for the skin, it is also put on the hair and head t give a blonde look due to the urea in it. Mundari cows are considered the most expensive cows in the south of Sudan where each cow costs 500 USD, which is so expensive if compared to other cattle that doesn’t exceed 40 USD, those Mundari cows are also offered as dowry for marriage thanks to their expensive prices.

Saving The Cows

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